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Suggested fees and stipends are a necessary reality to support this ministry and to enable those who have been trained to serve you. Time that is directed to this ministry is often time that is taken away from another ministry which may require adjustment in the stipend that is paid. Support of the religious community is also important and a consideration.

At the same time no minister desires that their pastoral response to need is dependent on the ability to pay a stipend. In all cases what is important is our response to your need, regardless of the ability to pay. We rely on the generosity of others who offer donations beyond the requested stipend “to make up the difference.

Fee Schedule:

Individual Spiritual Direction (Clergy): $45.00 per session
Individual Spiritual Direction (Lay Director): $60.00 per session
Group Spiritual Direction: $20.00 per session, per person
Retreat Day (2 hrs Morning, 2 hrs Afternoon): $60.00
Family Spiritual Direction (Group): $20.00 per session, per person


If for any reason your are unable to pay and need assistance, please complete this form.

How to Schedule a Session:

To schedule a session, simply choose from one of the available Directors below.  On there profile page you will see calendar availability. Select the date and time of the session and click Book My Session and follow links to checkout.

SPECIAL EVENTS are a routine part of the Managing Scrupulosity Ministry. You are welcome to join us for any of the special events. Each event requires a reservation and a confirmation of your reservation in order to maintain the appropriate number of attendees for any one event. In this way the planned event will be beneficial for all concerned. (Notations for any special event are on the scheduling page of the individual spiritual directors. There is no central calendar available for these events.)

CHAT ROOM: Hosted by one of the spiritual directors at various times throughout the month. These events are envisioned to provide you with an opportunity to ask any question that you might have or to receive a clarification or directive on subject matters that have been discussed in a Group Spiritual Direction session or any other gathering. CHAT ROOMS have no suggested stipend. Donations are of course accepted but not required to participate.

RETREAT DAYS: From time-to-time retreat days are scheduled that are led by one of our Spiritual Directors. The theme for the day varies, depending on the director, but are always announced and explained in detail in advance of the day. A normal retreat day is in two parts: a mid-morning session and a mid-afternoon session. Each session is two-hours. Advanced reservations are required to participate in a retreat day. Each community that gathers for a retreat day is intentionally limited in order to provide for the most communication and dialogue. The suggested stipend for a retreat day is $60.00 per participant.

SPOUSAL/SIGNIFICANT OTHERS/FAMILY: A person who suffers with scrupulosity does not live their life in isolation. Each person with scrupulosity lives in relationship with others. Some are casual acquaintances, but others are spouses, children, extended family members, all of whom need help and guidance to support the member of their family who suffers with this disorder. So often it is the people who are in relationship with the scrupulous who seemingly are the most isolated. Group Spiritual Direction for people who are in relationship with a scrupulous person can be of great benefit and usefulness. At the very least participation in this kind of community lifts the feeling of isolation and frustration. Group Spiritual Direction for people who are in relationship with a scrupulous person is available; the suggested stipend for participation is $20.00 per one hour session.