Individual Spiritual Direction

Individual spiritual direction is available with advance reservations (72 hour notice). The dates and time for individual direction are agreed upon between the director and the directee. Sessions are normally scheduled for approximately 45-50 minutes per session. To be considered for individual spiritual direction a potential directee must either participate in a) one group spiritual direction session, or b) successfully complete one (1) introductory session with the director. The primary purpose for this condition is to mutually determine if spiritual direction is potentially beneficial for the directee and helpful for their personal management of scrupulosity.

Group Spiritual Direction

The formation of the necessary communities for group spiritual direction experience is an on-going process.  Groups are formed when there are enough participants for the group to be helpful and when agreed upon dates and times are mutually scheduled.  To participate in group spiritual direction ADVANCE RESERVATIONS are required.  Groups normally meet for a period of between 60-90 minutes on a monthly/bi-weekly schedule.  All group spiritual direction is moderated by a trained spiritual director who is sensitive to the issues of the scrupulous disorder and who enables the conversation.  Group Spiritual Direction is limited to fifteen (15) participants per session.