Father Thomas M. Santa, C.Ss.R.​

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A native of Grand Rapids, Michigan, Father Thomas M. Santa, C.Ss.R. was professed as a Redemptorist in 1973 and ordained a priest in June of 1978. A graduate of Holy Redeemer College (Waterford, Wisconsin) and the State University of New York (Mount Saint Alphonsus).

Pastoral Assignments include: Theology teacher at St. Joseph’s Preparatory College, Edgerton, Wisconsin (1979-1980), and at St. Henry’s Seminary, Belleville, Illinois (1980-1983); Associate Director/Director of Villa Christi Retreat Center, Wichita, Kansas (1983-1990), Founder/Director of the Spiritual Life Center, Wichita, Kansas (1990-1992); President/Publisher of Liguori Publications, Liguori, Missouri (1992-1999); Director of the Redemptorist Renewal Center in Tucson, Arizona positioning the Center as an acknowledged leader in the ministry of spiritual renewal (1999-2011); Pastor/Rector at St. Michael in Old Town, Chicago (2011-2015). Director of the New Evangelization Initiative, Redemptorists of the Denver Province residing in Minneapolis, MN at St. Alphonsus Parish (2015-2019). His present assignment is Director of Continuing Learning, Denver Province of the Redemptorists. Superior of Redemptorist community.

Spiritual Direction is the desire to be attentive to God’s movement in one’s life, and to the inner motivations which lead one closer to or further from Truth. The experience of spiritual direction provides a respite from the demands of modern culture, and restoration of the life of prayer. It seeks to recover the freedom and peace of the Desert Elders. Spiritual direction is a path that leads to a kind of liberation, a permanent vacation in the original sense of emptying, in which we discard the useless and tedious baggage of vain concerns and devote ourselves to the one thing really necessary: the quest for meaning and for love, the quest for our own identity.